Meet our new Training Manager, Felicia Lundquist

✨ NEW STAFF SPOTLIGHT!!✨Felicia, wearing a warm coat and holding a Black Lives Matter sign in front of a blue sky

Meet Felicia Lundquist, Think Again’s NEW Training Manager

“I am most excited to cultivate true change, center marginalized identities and voices, work against hegemonic systems of oppression, and move out of surviving and into thriving” says Felicia Lundquist when asked what excites her about Think Again’s work. Before working with Think Again as the Training Manager, Felicia was the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Adjunct Faculty at Springfield College, teaching in the education department. She’s also co-created many initiatives and programs which address diversity, equity, inclusion and justice within and beyond higher education. Felicia cares so much about this work in part because of her positionality: “I care because I live at a lot of intersections of marginalized identities and I want to gain and cultivate access, foster more equitable and inclusive practices, policies and I want to feel safe in my own authentic skin.”

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