2023 menu of Pride Month programs

Think Again has prepared some special, ready-to-go Pride Month offerings – including these open-to-the-public workshops, offered via Zoom on a sliding scale – sign up now!

Menu of programs you can bring to your organization or community group: 

All the programs below can be offered in as little as an hour, or in longer, more in-depth and interactive versions. All can be provided remotely, and some can be offered in person depending on location and timing. The cost ranges from $1000 to $5000 and depends on the topic and group/organization size. 

For more information or to schedule a program, contact Felicia at felicia@thinkagaintraining.com or fill our this interest form 

Foundations for LGBTQ/Trans Inclusion – available in English and Spanish

Beyond Being Nice: Why structural change is important for LGBTQ+ inclusion

Trans/forming Allyship 

Getting Pronouns Right and What it Teaches Us About Gender with author of Trans Allyship Workbook Davey Shlasko

Davey presenting on “Getting Pronouns Right and What it Teaches Us About Gender”

Cultivating Trans Resilience 

Trans Media Literacy: How to spot misinformation, avoid confusion, and find (and tell) good stories about trans communities

Activating Drag for Collaboration and Social Justice 

Culture Mapping: How culture shapes our understandings of  Masculinities & Femininities

It’s Not Just the Bathrooms: Assessing trans inclusion

Politics of Pee: Bathrooms and in/justice 

Ask a Cis Person: An opportunity to ask a knowledgeable cis person – who’s trusted by our mostly-trans team – all the questions you shouldn’t ask your trans colleagues

As Easy as 1,2,3: Discussing gender & family diversity with young children

Doing Racial Justice in LGBTQ+ communities

Queer and Trans Theater for Transformative Learning with playwright Tobias K. Davis

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