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Our Philosophy

All of Think Again’s work is based on a Social Justice Education model that assumes

  • that the various systems of oppression – racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, ageism and so on – are deeply intertwined, and that the most effective work on such issues addresses them all, even as it must sometimes focus on a particular piece of the puzzle
  • that systems of oppression operate on many levels, which are not separable: individually, interpersonally, culturally, institutionally, and at the level of whole societies
  • that people are able to learn and change, and that we all have a common interest in working within our spheres of influence toward collective liberation

For trainings, we draw on a variety of pedagogical approaches and learning modalities including popular education, intergroup dialogue, creative expression, and skills training, all involving the interplay between theory and practice (praxis). Training participants should expect a lively combination of presentations, small- and large-group discussions, structured activities, and practical exercises, drawing on the wisdom and experience of the group as well as providing new information and tools.

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