Our Team

We collaborate closely to bring a wide range of perspectives, skills and knowledge to our work. When assigning a facilitation team team, we consider not only the facilitators’ expertise but also their lived experiences, training styles, personalities, and cofacilitation relationship.


DaveyDavey Shlasko, Founder & Managing Consultant

As an educator, author and consultant, Davey’s passion is facilitating adult learning that supports organizational and systemic change for social justice. In addition to managing Think Again, Davey has authored several chapters in  Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice and Readings for Diversity and Social Justice including curricula on classism, ableism, and cissexism (transgender oppression), and also teaches as an Adjunct Associate Professor in social theory and trans studies at Smith College School for Social Work. Davey has an M.Ed. in Social Justice Education from UMass, Amherst, and has been writing and teaching about social justice issues since 2000. (Home base: Boston, MA)

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Amanda Sandoval, Marketing and Administrative Assistant

Amanda Sandoval is a Latinx organizer in Oklahoma who is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. She has a bachelor’s in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Administration. Amanda coordinates Think Again’s social media presence to help us reach a wide range of communities and organizations. She also manages logistics for many of our trainings. Thank you!

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Affiliated Trainers and Consultants


RominaRomina A. Pacheco

Check out Romina’s facilitator spotlight on our blog! Romina was born and raised in the Caribbean city of Maracay, Venezuela. Her early work as an educator focused on teaching English as a Foreign Language and Spanish as a Second Language. In the US, Romina’s work has included teaching social justice-related courses in higher education, and facilitating community-based dialogues that address the liberation of People of The Global Majority in all of their intersecting identities. Recently Romina has been involved in decolonizing education projects in Jacmel, Haiti, and racial justice organizing efforts in Western Massachusetts. Her research interests and include Participatory Action Research/Research as Praxis, Critical Multicultural Education, Intergroup Dialogues, and Black/Latina Feminist Theory. Romina has a Ph.D. from New Mexico State University where she studied Curriculum & Instruction and Women’s Studies, and an M.Ed. in Social Justice Education from UMass, Amherst. (Home base: Fairfield, CT)

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Tobias Davis posing for a portrait in a deep purple shirt, green trees in the backgroundTobias K. Davis

Tobias K. Davis (Toby) is a transgender educator, activist and playwright who uses theatre, writing, and teaching to advocate for a gender-inclusive society. Tobias has supported colleges, congregations, and communities in developing trans-inclusive policies and practices for almost 20 years. His theatrical works have been well received across the country by both the transgender community and the theater community at large. He strives to create plays, workshops, and presentations which are entertaining, educational, and accessible. He holds a M.Ed. in Social Justice Education and is the Inclusion Trainer at Smith College’s Office for Equity and Inclusion. (Home base: Easthampton, MA)

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ChrisChris Barcelos

Chris is a feminist educator and interdisciplinary social scientist whose work lies at the intersection of public health, gender and sexuality studies, and sociology. Chris is an Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies at UW, Madison, and holds a PhD in Public Health, a Masters in Public Policy and Administration and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies from UMass, Amherst. Their forthcoming book uses discursive, visual, and ethnographic approaches situated in a critical, feminist research methodology to understand how ways of knowing about teen pregnancy and parenting influence programming and policymaking. Chris brings expertise in a wide range of research methods to support assessment aspects of Think Again’s consulting projects. (Home base: Madison, WI)

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MaluMalú Machuca-Rose

Malú is a transfeminist scholar, organizer and cultural worker from Lima, Perú who brings activism and teaching together with caring facilitation and a fierce, intersectional feminist pedagogy. Malú is a PhD student in the Department of Performance Studies and a Mellon Fellow in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Northwestern University. Their research focuses on queer of color critique, particularly around questions of trans and queer death and survival, desire, nightlife, sex and risk, decoloniality, feminism, critical theory, performance, visual culture and healing justice. Their most recent work appears in the Trans en las Américas issue of TSQ and interrogates the necropolitical response to HIV/AIDS through the racialized and classed lens of a travesti politics of refusal, in the essay “Giuseppe Campuzano’s Afterlife: Towards a Travesti Methodology for Critique, Care and Radical Resistance” (2019). Malú received their MA in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and their BA in Sociology from PUCP. Malú is co-author of “Estado de Violencia” and “Nuestra Voz Persiste,” books published on the situation of LGBTIQ people in Peru as part of their work in No Tengo Miedo. (Home base: Chicago, IL and Lima, Peru)

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TK MortonTK Morton

TK Morton uses Ze, Zir, Zirs pronouns. TK is an educator, advocate, artist, and scholar. TK works primarily in Higher Education supporting and advocating for Black, Brown, Indigenous Queer and Trans students. Ze is a Black Trans Queer Person born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, currently living in St Paul, MN and serving as Assistant Director Diversity Education, Leadership, Inclusion at Macalester College. Ze holds a bachelor’s degree in women’s and gender studies from Eastern Michigan University, where ze focused on creating radical ways for zirs communities to thrive in these oppressive institutions. Ze is a lover of Fashion, Kpop, Black, Brown, and Indigenous Joy!

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Chelsey posing for a portrait Chelsey Branham

Oklahoma State Representative Chelsey Branham is a Native Chickasaw and lifelong Oklahoman. She is motivated by her passion for justice to bring people together through sharing cultures and building positive relationships to make change together. Drawing on her training in economics and development at Oklahoma University, Chelsey worked in Zambia conducting research to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian aid and create economic opportunities. She returned home to ply her skills in program development at the YWCA and other community organizations that help Oklahomans struggling with a variety of barriers.  As a community educator, she strives to equip people with the skills needed to collaborate for positive change.  In November 2018, Chelsey was elected to the OK House of Representatives as the first woman, the first indigenous person, and actually the first person who’s not a white man ever to hold her seat. (Home base: Oklahoma City)

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BruinBruin Runyan

Bruin Christopher Runyan is a healer, organizer and educator whose work lies in uniting our liberatory visions and kinesthetic practices. Bruin’s private practice, Wise Body, holds individuals and couples in a politicized, trauma-informed, anti-pathology, body-based container designed to affirm the brilliant ways his clients have survived and to build them tools to align their practice with their deepest longings. Bruin teaches online courses through Wise Body to develop core competencies around recovering from triggers, principled conflict, centered accountability and more. Bruin also facilitates group meditation and transformative justice processes both for individuals and organizations. Before private practice work, Bruin spent over a decade as a paid organizer, mentoring and supporting young people in racial, economic, gender and disability justice campaigns in their schools and communities. Bruin has a B.A. in Community Studies from Earlham College and has studied with Embodiment International, Generative Somatics, Upledger Institute and Turtle Tank. (Home base: Berkeley, CA)

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Saer posing for a portrait in front of gray diamond-patterned wallpaperSaer Smith

Saer Smith (pronouns: they/he) is a clinical social worker based in Seattle, WA. Their work has focused on low-income and homeless youth, identity development, and building accessible and intersectional treatment for eating disorders. They are passionate about addressing the ways that class, race, gender, and ability are experienced in our bodies, and creating space for individuals and communities to challenge those beliefs. Saer has served in a student-consultant role to address racial diversity and trans inclusion in higher education. They have also provided consulting and training around issues of body image/fatphobia, mental health, gender and sexual identity in the non-profit, education, and healthcare fields.

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Nick Thuot

Nick Thuot is a White, trans, and non-binary educator and activist committed to dismantling systems of oppression and helping others find ways to enact liberation every day. Nick worked in university residence life programs for five years, where they strived to create a home for marginalized students within higher education despite higher education not being created with them in mind. Nick values the explicit articulation of self-care/self-love as a way to normalize the ways that justice seekers can remain sustainably engaged in fighting for liberation. (Home base: Madison, WI)

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Bee's bio pictureBee Buehring

Bee (they/them) has fourteen years of experience engaging educational communities in explorations of identity, power and liberation. Bee is the co-founder of Social Justice @ Work consulting and a collaborator at Creative Justice Lab, a project connecting artists engaged in social change work. Bee specializes in training social justice peer educators and dialogue facilitators and is passionate about helping white people explore accountability and racial justice. Bee has an undergraduate degree in Film and Studio Art from Southern Methodist University and a M.Ed. in Counselor Educator from North Carolina State University. Bee’s research interests include: assessing institutional equity in higher education, building affirming campuses for transgender and non-binary students, the history of queer comics and cartooning, and gender, race, and sexual identity in science fiction. (Home base: Coventry, CT)

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Shahanna McKinney-Baldon

Shahanna McKinney-Baldon is the Director of Edot Midwest Regional Jewish Diversity Collective and also holds several appointments at the UW-Madison School of Education WCER research center, including that of Special Assistant for Diversity and Inclusion. She is a longtime educator and trainer who has been an active public education advocate and Jewish diversity thought leader for over 20 years. A former classroom teacher, Shahanna’s leadership roles have included serving as Advanced Academic Programs coordinator, Chief Diversity Officer, and Director of Family and Community Engagement in large public school districts. A graduate of the UW Madison School of Education and the Social Justice Education program at UMass Amherst, Shahanna is also a leader in equity education and advocacy work, and has led local and regional projects that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), including in faith community settings and in a consortium of 30 US public school districts working to end the effects of racism on their schools. (Home base: Madison, WI)

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T.J. Jourian

T.J. Jourian is an independent scholar, educator, consultant, and trainer with Trans*Formational Change, having worked at and with hundreds of college campuses, conferences, and community-based organizations across Turtle Island. Motivated by intersectional and liberatory movements and lenses, he brings his personal, communal, and professional perspectives into all kinds of classrooms, and his reflective and dynamic presentations speak to a variety of audiences. T.J.’s campus-based professional experiences span LGBTQ life, residential life, women’s center work, multicultural affairs, orientation, and leadership, event coordination at a regional religious organization, and he has also been a faculty member at four institutions in their higher education and student affairs programs. Centering trans and queer people of color’s experiences and epistemologies, his research examines race, gender, and sexuality in higher education. T.J. co-founded Trans*Forming Higher Education (T.H.E.) Collaborative (formerly T*Circle), and the Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs. (Home base: Philadelphia, PA).

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Rachel Wagner

Rachel Wagner is an assistant professor in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Clemson University. She completed her doctorate in Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Prior to her faculty appointment at Clemson she served for 16 years in progressively responsible positions in housing and residence life. Her research and practice has focused on social justice approaches to Student Affairs. (Home base: Clemson, SC)

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Jay Botsford

Jay Botsford (pronouns: ze/zir or they/them) has been advocating with LGBTQ+ communities in WI since 2002, providing equity & justice-focused training/consulting to service providers and institutions, supporting the leadership of students and youth to make change in their communities, and organizing for racial, gender, health, and disability justice. Ze has worked extensively in both higher education and the nonprofit sector in many roles, including as a sexuality educator, youth worker, health advocate, and social justice educator/consultant. Jay is passionate about community care/mutual aid, building accomplices (not just allies), and centering health, healing, and pleasure in justice work.

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Janae PetersJanae Peters

Janae Peters is an educator who actively integrates clinical social work into all aspects of the educational environment. She spends most of her time working with high school students and graduate students, but has also taught at the undergraduate level. In every realm, she has engaged a relational and process oriented approach to teaching and learning and always has a highest goal of understanding how different social, political, historical, and environmental contexts influence the learning process. A growing concern about identity development, social identity, social identity threat, and the impact of oppression and oppressive systems on achievement in the educational environment created in her a sense of urgency in working to learn how to improve the educational and identity development experience for all people, regardless of what we are learning.

Janae has created advisory programs from the ground up, implemented policy and programmatic shifts that center racial equity, racial justice, anti-racist, and restorative practices, served as a Dean of Students, School Counselor, Dorm Head, teacher, coach, has taught on the East Coast, in the South, in the Midwest, and in South Korea for a summer. She is currently on a team that has created and opened a school in Cleveland, Ohio that works hard to transform education as we have come to understand it and the lives of the people within that environment.

Consideration of intersectionality, critical race, social identity, liberation, and person-in-environment theories is crucial to her work with people and she has joined Think Again with the goal of continuing to learn and making the most of opportunities to engage with other communities in their processes.

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Adam TannenbaumAdam Tannenbaum

Adam Tannenbaum (they/them) is a counselor and facilitator based in Durham, NC. They have been involved in developing and facilitating dialogues/workshops to process social identities (such as race, class, and gender) and inequalities for nearly 10 years. In addition to providing professional trainings, Adam offers therapeutic counseling services remotely for residents of North Carolina.

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Annie DelBusto CohenAnnie DelBusto Cohen

Annie DelBusto Cohen is a queer, first generation Cuban American, daughter of an immigrant. She was raised in a multifaith, bi-cultural household. This experience has taught her how to navigate straddling identity margins her entire life. As a cisgender woman and mother, she is keenly aware of the challenges women and parents face navigating the working world and attempting to find any semblance of balance.

Annie’s various identities have directly informed her passion for creating a more just world by developing leaders, educating for social justice and engaging in conversations that center the heart. She is trained in Social Justice Mediation, Intergroup Dialogue and is a cofounder of the Creative Justice Lab, a project that aimed to make social justice conversations more accessible through the use of art and creativity. Annie holds a degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Wells College and an M.S. in College Student Personnel Administration from Canisius College. She has over a decade worth of experience in higher education and currently specializes in social justice leadership education. Additionally, she is an inaugural member of the Creative Reaction Lab’s Redesigning Education for Racial Equity & Social Healing (REFRESH) cohort.

Annie is particularly drawn to conversations that explore the ambiguity and complexity of multiracial/biracial identities, the intersectionality of identity, race, gender and sexual orientation. Annie is passionate about finding ways to make engaging in social justice conversations accessible. (Home base: Northampton, MA)

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Cullen GoldblattCullen Goldblatt

Cullen Goldblatt is a teacher, facilitator, and scholar. He has taught undergraduates in the US and South Africa, and has worked as an educator with varied groups, among them recently literate Wolof-speaking adults, college faculty, health workers, elementary school students, and preschoolers. Cullen holds a PhD in comparative literature, and writes about translation, African cities, historical violence, and contemporary justice. He is also a translator (French to English). He has recently written a very good book, Beyond Collective Memory (Routledge, 2020). In a previous professional life, he worked in harm reduction-oriented public health research.

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