Facilitator Spotlight: Tobias K Davis

“I’ve been working with Think Again Training since it was just me and Davey, teaching people stuff, back in 1999,” says Toby Davis, “but it wasn’t a business back then.” Since those early days, Toby has built his skills as an educator by partnering with a wide variety of clients and receiving formal training in

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Facilitator Spotlight: Romina Pacheco!

Dr. Romina Pacheco has been working with Think Again Training & Consulting since 2016, but first started cofacilitating with some other Think Again facilitators since lonnnnng before that. She has cofacilitated trainings and staff retreats at the Arcus Foundation, Lesley Ellis School, and more. Romina is currently available for local-ish trainings, within an hour or

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Kid Gender Play

2017 Recap

Whew, what a year! In so many ways. Here are a few of the projects that kept Think Again folks busy in 2017: Trained faculty in almost a dozen schools, grades PreK-12, on topics like implicit bias addressing racism in the classroom trans inclusion in co-ed schools trans inclusion in girls schools “Spinning Straw into

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What Can Cross-Class Dialogue Circles for Your Community?

Learn more about participating in upcoming Cross-Class Dialogue Circles in VT Donate here to the upcoming Cross-Class Dialogue Circle in Brattleboro, VT Contact Davey to talk about setting up a Cross-Class Dialogue Circle in your community Cross-Class Dialogue Circles bring together a small group of people from a variety of class backgrounds to learn together about economic inequality,

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Think Again in the News about Girls’ Schools and Women’s Colleges

Check out Natalie Swartz’s article in the Harvard Political Review, Coming Out While Staying In: How Transgender Students Are Pushing Girls’ Schools to Examine Gender Policies. Natalie interviewed Think Again’s Davey Shlasko: Shlasko believes schools must work to address their communities’ concerns about students’ biological sex, which may prompt questions like, “What does this mean? Does that

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