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Caring Communication for a Gender-Inclusive Campus Community

Students come into college with very different experiences, beliefs, knowledge, and assumptions about gender and sexuality, all of which exist within a national and global context of widespread discrimination. Many colleges and universities know this, and offer “Trans 101” trainings at orientation to encourage gender inclusivity. These introductory trainings tend to offer a limited scope of shared understanding and language. But students need to go beyond the basics – “101” just isn’t enough! …Caring Communication for a Gender Inclusive Community supports students in their transition into the college environment by providing shared knowledge and skills for honest and open communication in a campus community that is diverse both in terms of gender identity and in terms of the backgrounds, cultures and expectations around gender that people arrive with.

Why Should White Leaders Develop Antiracism Skills in Affinity Spaces?

… white people need to … confront their positions within oppressive systems. This requires introspective reflection that can sometimes be messy and vulnerable, and that leaders often cannot do within the everyday workplace – at least not  without consequences for them and/or those whom they supervise. … Yet it’s especially important for leaders to engage in this kind of learning, because their power as supervisors, decision-makers, and representatives of organizational expectations and culture give their actions disproportionate impact.

The Importance of Effective Feedback

Every organization can benefit from a culture of open communication and continuous improvement. It contributes to a healthy workplace climate and to the organization’s effectiveness. This is especially important when an organization is working to improve equity and inclusion. Communication failures during equity and inclusion work can get in the way of organizational change and

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Registration Open: Antiracist Development Group for white people in leadership roles

Join us for the FOURTH cohort of a new organizational equity service: Antiracist Development Group for White Leaders, for leaders, managers and decision-makers interested in moving to the next level of personal and organizational equity work. This 8-week, small-group cohort program is a place for learning, reflection, peer support, and action, based in frameworks of

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2023 menu of Pride Month programs

Think Again has prepared some special, ready-to-go Pride Month offerings – check them out! If none of these seem right for you, or if you have a specific training need in mind, get in touch – these are not the only topics we can offer! All the programs below can be offered in as little as an hour, or in longer, more in-depth and interactive versions. All can be provided remotely,

Meet our new Training Manager, Felicia Lundquist

✨ NEW STAFF SPOTLIGHT!!✨ Meet Felicia Lundquist, Think Again’s NEW Training Manager “I am most excited to cultivate true change, center marginalized identities and voices, work against hegemonic systems of oppression, and move out of surviving and into thriving” says Felicia Lundquist when asked what excites her about Think Again’s work. Before working with Think

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Think Again is Hiring!

Think Again Training and Consulting seeks a Marketing and Administrative Assistant to join our small-but-mighty team. The position is available for 10 hours/week beginning immediately, with a possible increase to 20 hours/week by September 2021 or sooner. Specific work schedule is flexible, as long as hours are spread out across the week. Starting pay is

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Reflections on Black Futures Month

from Janae Peters, Affiliated Consultant with Think Again and Founding Faculty Member in Humanities at Mastery School of Hawken As an educator, I have come to learn/experience that February is a tough month. In the schools I’ve been in relationship with, it’s a cold, dark month with a ramp up of students making decisions that

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Upcoming Trainings – Register now!

Trans/forming Allyship 3-part intensive: Fridays February 5, 12, 19, 11am-1pm Central time / 12-2 pm Eastern (registration open to all!) How Systemic Inequality Impacts Food, Eating and Body Image, Jan 11 and Feb 4, 1-3pm Eastern (registration open to staff of Community Action, FCCHC, and CHD through Youth Access Partnership) Foundations of Trans Inclusive Practice, Jan. 22, 9:30-11:30am

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