Cross-Class Dialogue Circles

Next circle beginning January 29!

The Winter/Spring 2024 Circle will meet Mondays 5:30-7pm eastern time, January 29 – April 22 (12 sessions + 1 alternate just in case)

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Cost: Participants contribute on a sliding scale starting at $0. The decision about how much to contribute is explored through discussions during the circle, but each person ultimately decides for themself.

Accessibility: By default we offer computer-generated captions. If you have other access needs such as human-generated captions, ASL interpretation, etc., please say so in your application and we will meet as many access needs as possible. We also offer a stipend for any child care costs related to your participation.

Facilitators: This coming circle is facilitated by Kendra, Romina, and Toby

What are Cross-Class Dialogue Circles?

Cross-Class Dialogue Circles are a powerful way for people across the class spectrum to come together to talk about their experiences with class, listen to each other’s stories and perspectives, build relationships, and collaborate for change. Engaging with each other across class is empowering, healing and liberating.

Cross Class Dialogue Circles bring together up to 20 people with a diversity of class experiences, ranging from being homeless, to managing family foundations, and everything in between. Our goals in meeting together are

  • to better understand class as part of an economic system, and our own experience with class and how it shows up in our daily life and communication, including and especially in intersection with race and racism
  • to learn and practice strategies for engaging with each other about difficult subjects
  • to learn and share practical tools for contributing to racial, economic, and social justice
  • to build relationships of accountability and collaboration within and beyond the group

We meet these goals with courage, depth, humor, and sincerity. The video below explains more about what Cross Class Dialogue is and why people find it helpful.

CLICK HERE for further, detailed explanation of Cross-Class Dialogue Circles’ history, format, facilitators, participants, accountability and the cost-sharing process.



We fund the circles primarily through participant contributions, and welcome donations of any size to support the circles.

  • To make your pledged contribution for participation in a past or current circle, pay here
  • To make a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Peace Development Fund, donate here.

Either way, please indicate that it is for CCDC. If you prefer to contribute by check, contact Davey for the mailing address.


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