Think Again Training & Consulting supports individuals, organizations and communities to enact social justice principles in their life and work. Consulting packages can include a combination of assessment, training, coaching, policy development, program development, and process facilitation. Our goal is to identify your best next step in your journey, and help you take it.


Sometimes, it only takes a conversation to figure out exactly what you need. But often, a more deliberate assessment process can be helpful in identifying specific strengths, needs, and opportunities for positive change. We can work with you to design and implement surveys, interviews, and focus groups, and review existing data and other documents, to really paint a picture of where you’re starting from. We then provide an assessment report along with recommendations for next steps, which could include coaching, training, and sometimes more structural changes.


Coaching is the best tool for when a few key people in your organization want to deepen their understanding and practice in a sustained way. In contrast to trainings – which are too often crunched for time, and try to teach a little bit of info and skills to a lot of people at once very quickly – coaching allows us to “go slow to go fast,” using in-depth conversations, reflection and practice to support your leaders or other key team members to build their own capacity for enacting social justice practices.


All of our trainings are tailored to your particular group, context and need. Based on an initial assessment, we’ll propose a training, training package, or series that fits your needs and budget. Learn more about our trainings here.

Policy/Program Development

Know your policies or program plans need some refining to move toward equity and justice, but don’t know exactly what changes are needed? Think Again can provide feedback on existing documents, suggest revisions to incorporate best practices, and work with you to identify promising policies/programs in comparable organizations that can help to inspire the unique solutions you need.

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