Upcoming Trainings

Check out our upcoming Pride Month trainings – open to all! 

Ready for a deeper dive? The Antiracist Development Group for White Leaders may be just what you need (8-week series, beginning in July or October)

Tailored Trainings

Most of our trainings are for groups within an organization, tailored to your particular group, context and need. Learning about diversity and social justice issues is always a life-long process, and our goal is to help your team take the best next step in its journey, whatever that may be.

Trainings aren’t magic. A training can’t transform an organization overnight or undo the complex legacies of inequality we all live in. But it can be one crucial piece in an overall plan for moving an organization toward effective social justice practices.

Our trainings are engaging and interactive. Experienced facilitators support your team to not only learn new information, but also apply their learning to generate new realizations and possibilities. At the same time, the group is building relationships by exercising their social justice muscles together, leading to improved capacity to carry the work forward both individually and as a team.

Some of our favorite recent trainings have focused on topics like:

  • Trans/forming Allyship: Building Skills to Support Trans People in Your Community
  • Untangling Privilege
  • De-fusing Implicit Bias
  • Spinning Straw into Gold: Microaggressions as Teachable Moments
  • Transformative Allyship (across all kinds of identities)
  • Exploring Class & Classism
  • Collaborative Leadership: Working Together to Make Stuff Happen

Further examples of training topics and formats can be found here.

People sitting around looking at a projected image while Davey teaches them about diversity
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