Training Offerings: Gender Diversity on Campus

Think Again facilitators have been training students, staff and faculty in K-12 and college settings for over 25 years. Check out the descriptions below, or get in touch to talk about a tailored session for your campus.

For new students

Caring Communication for a Gender-Diverse Community

This engaging, interactive training supports students in their transition into the college environment by providing shared knowledge and skills for caring communication in a community that is diverse both in gender identity and in terms of the backgrounds, cultures and expectations around gender that people arrive with. 

Going far beyond “Trans 101,” students in this training will learn:

  • Shared vocabulary and ways of conceptualizing gender beyond prevailing binary assumptions
  • How to ask about and use gendered pronouns respectfully
  • Compassion for honest mistakes and differences in understanding
  • Proactive skills for building shared understanding and positive relationships across differences
  • Begin to understand how race, class, culture and other identities intersect with LGBTQ+ identities

When offered to the whole incoming class, this shared learning experience contributes to

  • Safer and more productive climate and culture for all students
  • Respectful and inclusive behavior in classrooms, residential life and beyond
  • Increased capacity to engage in uncomfortable conversations across difference without “canceling” or giving up on each other
  • Positive everyday interactions and inclusive climate

Introduction to Gender & Sexuality in the U.S.

This training serves as an introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) culture and concepts in the U.S., specifically contextualized for international students. Navigating US culture (and subcultures) as an international student can be exciting, overwhelming, informative, confusing, and more. International students often arrive with a whole different body of knowledge than their US-based peers, including knowledge about gender and sexuality. This training can support them in bridging their understandings with those of their new classmates.

For all international students, whether they are from a country where LGBTQ issues are discussed all the time or never; whether they are LGBQ and or/T or heterosexual or unsure; this training helps orient them to language they may hear from peers and prepare them to be part of the positive campus culture you want to cultivate. The training covers basic definitions; risks that LGBTQ people face and joys of being part of this vibrant community; tips for how to support members of the LGBTQ community and more!

For staff and faculty

Welcoming Trans Students

How welcomed and included do trans students feel in our classes and programs? How can we support all students
in learning to respect their trans classmates and to understand the diversity of gender in human experience? In
this session we will cover key concepts and terminology for discussing trans identities and experiences; identify
risks, barriers and resilience factors for trans students; and practice concrete tools for allyship that we can use
immediately to better welcome and support trans students.

For anyone

Trans/forming Allyship

The past few years have seen rapidly increasing acceptance of trans and nonbinary identities, but also escalating backlash in the form of anti-trans legislation, often targeting children. Trans community members continue to face intense stigma, violence and barriers to participation. Many people have good intentions about trans inclusion, but of course we know that good intentions are not enough – we also need knowledge, skills, and practice, as well as policy and structural innovations to move beyond inclusion to real equity and gender justice. Through this workshop participants will deepen their understanding and expand their toolbox for effective, accountable allyship with trans students, colleagues and community members.

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