How much do your services cost?

An initial consultation is always free. We’ll talk for about half an hour, and start to figure out what services will be most useful to you. Then, we’ll be able to give you a cost estimate.

  • Costs vary depending on the nature of the service and the consultant/s involved. For example, hourly consulting ranges from $50-$200 per hour, local  trainings start at $750 (for a short, community-based training with one facilitator), and out-of-town trainings start at $1000 + travel.
  • We want to keep these services accessible to the communities and organizations that need them, while also respecting our consultants and facilitators by paying a fair and livable wage. If the initial estimate for what you need is beyond your budget, let us know, and we can problem-solve together and see what might be possible.
  • Travel expenses are sometimes a significant part of the overall cost of an out-of-town training. We always try to minimize travel expenses by planning far in advance, coordinating across more than one client in the same town, etc.

Where are you located?

Think Again has trainers based in in Wisconsin, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Illinois. Trainers’ availabilities and specializations vary – the best trainer/s for you may not be the ones who live closest. We gladly travel outside these areas to provide trainings in other locations. Non-training services (such as assessments and policy reviews) can often be provided remotely.

How far in advance do you book?

We can often initiate consulting right away. Trainings should be planned at least a month in advance, especially if our facilitators will be traveling to you.

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