Year in Review – 2018 at Think Again Training & Consulting

By the numbers: Last year, Think Again …

  • Trained about 1500 participants, mostly in small- to medium-sized groups of colleagues collaborating to improve their work
  • Provided 3 trainings for a total of ~130 high school students and teachers, from about 20 different schools
  • Provided 17 trainings for a total of ~1100 college and university faculty, staff, students and administrators, from ~10 different schools
  • Provided 6 trainings for a total of ~150 mental health workers and other human service providers, from dozens of different agencies across 5 states
  • … and some others that are trickier to count

By the impact: Our training and consulting last year helped clients make structural changes, improve services, strengthen collaboration, and even win awards:

  • The Diversity & Inclusion Working Group at MIT Press received an award from MIT’s President Rafael Reif, partly based on their work with Think Again’s consultants to incorporate trans inclusion into their work with authors, acquisitions, marketing services, and each other
  • Disability Rights Wisconsin took steps to increase staff members’ skills and capacities to recognize and address unintentional microaggressions, with an intersectional lens
  • UW Madison’s Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement (DDEEA) worked to improve services for transgender students from marginalized communities across all their programs
  • Peer educators at Mount Holyoke College and University of Wisconsin, Whitewater’s PB Poorman Pride Center deepened their skills for developing curricula, facilitating difficult conversations, and collaborative planning and management
  • A large employer formalized a policy to require at least one non-gendered bathroom in each of their bulidings
  • A large housing cooperative initiated changes to their databases to be more inclusive of trans residents

In their own words:

It was incredible to be a part of a group that learned together and not feel tokenized for my identity. It’s nice to not feel like “the other” and I felt supported and respected by the facilitators and the whole group. I felt comfortable the whole time I was there and I think the facilitators all did a marvelous job discussing topics that aren’t easy to discuss, and made it enjoyable. Thank you again!

Y’all are amazing human beings. You helped me find a way a sense of belonging and to be a more successful worker and human being. Thank You!

These trainings helped me realize all the elements that go into good allyship; it is not one-dimensional! It is a process, not an identity.

A very heartfelt thanks from us for coming to train the School. Your trainings and discussions exceeded expectations and were very thoughtful. We are already receiving positive feedback.

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